Asad Rahman Photography


 As a photographer and an artist, I do not limit my creativity and allow myself to have fun.
I am a Toronto based freelance photographer, who likes to tell stories with images. I like to capture reality and depict the candid unadulterated moments of life. My photographs capture stolen points in time, where the honesty of our surroundings is at their most vulnerable and exposed. Our surrounding is filled with stories and beauty well within everyone’s reach; my role is to bring light to these stories.
My photographs have been displayed and exhibited at Toronto Brooksfield Place (former BCE Place), Toronto ‘O’ Gallery, First Canadian Place, Mississauga Civic Centre, Empress Place Hotel, Victoria (BC).
I am available for photographic assignment – personal or corporate, and private or family photo-shoots. I give special consideration to community based projects and not-for-profit organizations. If you would like to arrange a photo shoot, please contact me.
Thank you for visiting my website.